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Two Rock Valley Goat Cheese

How It All Began….From the Alps of Switzerland to the Hills of Two Rock

In the late 90’s, Bonnie DeBernardi purchased two Nubian goats for her grandchildren to play with and from there a new business was created.  Not unfamiliar to the dairy business, Don and Bonnie DeBernardi have been raising and milking Holstein dairy cows since 1968, however, these goats served as the beginning of a new venture for the pair.  As the two goats quickly turned to a small herd, Don decided to turn the milk into goat cheese, like his ancestors made in the Swiss Alps.  The hobby for Don quickly turned into a new business venture as the herd grew from two to forty goats in a short period of time.  

Bonnie is the primary caregiver to the kids.  Overseeing the kidding and raising of the goat kids is a full time job.  Bonnie cares for the kids as she would any member of the family.  During kidding season you will almost always find a few kids in the house snuggled up in blankets getting a little extra attention.

Don is the master cheese maker, perfecting his skill with each batch.  Cheese is made three to four times a week and then aged for over 60 days before it is ready to market.  As the cheese is aged in the storage rooms, it takes on a life of its own.  Cultures used change the texture and taste the longer the aging process is prolonged.  Creating a unique taste pleasing to any palette.  Recently, Don has ventured into the fresh cheese market by making a goat Brie.  Delicious!

Two Rock Valley Goat Cheese can be found in many retail stores in Marin and Sonoma County, as well as farmers markets.  We also sell cheese on the wholesale market.  Two Rock Valley Cheese offers unique and educational farm tours, led by Bonnie.  

As we like to say, it started in the Alps and made it’s way to the hills of Two Rock.